A Dance with the Matterhorn

I couldn’t imagine how they must have felt that day when the rope broke and their four companions fell 4,000 feet to their deaths…

A Dance with the Matterhorn

Author: Paul Kendrick

Exploring the outer and inner worlds of our experiencing and encountering the thin places, the inter-tidal zones where two or more elements meet has always drawn me into a deeper story of some kind. Now recently retired, I have more time to spend in those places. I have time to try and create something enduring out of the thousands of pages of 'raw material' gathered over the years. A tantalizing collection of puzzle pieces- each of which carries the intimations of some kind of greater whole. What that looks like, I have no idea. But I want to try and find out by continuing to explore in a wondering and pondering kind of way that hopefully engages and invites you to do the same.

3 thoughts on “A Dance with the Matterhorn”

  1. This is excellent!…….surprised to find it while I was scrolling through Reader tonight. I had to play with it a bit to get the whole piece to come up, kept getting just the intro and the first photograph. Look forward to reading more……:)


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